The advantages of our innovative emergency power chargers at a glance

Emergency operation day and night in the event of a power failure

Direct charging of the battery storage on the DC side

Continuous current flow even at peak loads

Security of supply in the event of power failures or blackouts

Charge the storage battery and supply the building with electricity

Suitable for single-family homes and small businesses


From normal operation to emergency operation

The emergency power charger is an effective solution for maintaining the power supply to PV systems, even when conventional charging options such as solar energy are limited. It ensures a continuous power supply and autonomy, even in situations with adverse weather conditions or prolonged power outages.


Frequently asked questions

The system is based on "plug and play" and can be put into operation very easily. The scope of delivery includes appropriate cable sets for the most common inverters. Nevertheless, we recommend that you consult with the installer of your PV system and have the installation carried out.

The emergency charger can easily be operated for 4 hours and supplies 26 kWh of electricity during this time. Enough for consumption and simultaneous charging of the home power station.

Modbus communication is an additional option and enables direct communication between the home power station and the emergency power charger so that the charger automatically switches to idle mode when it no longer needs to produce electricity.

The emergency power charger supplies direct current, is operated on the DC side and is interpreted by the home power station in the same way as a solar module. In contrast to a normal emergency power generator or an emergency generator, it can charge the storage system, can be operated simultaneously with the PV system and supplies a clean voltage without the need to install an expensive frequency regulator.

The appliance is operated with 1 litre of diesel per hour. For more detailed information about the fuel and storage, please contact us.

The emergency power charger is the ideal component for off-grid operation. As the device runs on diesel, electricity is cheaper and surplus electricity from the PV system is sold, permanent stand-alone operation only makes sense if there is no access to the public grid.

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Application procedure

Advantages of using emergency power chargers

Power failure and insufficient sunlight

In scenarios in which a power outage occurs and the PV system does not receive sufficient solar radiation to recharge the battery storage system, the EPC emergency power charger can be used.

Connection with the inverter

The EPC is connected directly to the DC side of the PV system inverter. This direct connection enables an efficient charging process, as the inverter converts the direct current (DC) from the PV system into alternating current (AC), which is then used by the EPC to charge the battery storage system.

Fast charging of the memory

The emergency charger works efficiently to fully recharge the PV system's battery storage within a very short time. This makes it possible to maintain the system's autonomy even during prolonged bad weather or other adverse conditions.

Independence and reliability

By utilising the EPC, the autonomy of the PV system is guaranteed even under difficult weather conditions, which means that the system can reliably supply electricity even during longer power outages or periods of low solar radiation.


Impressions and production

Made in Austria by DM Elektrotechnik GmbH

Emergeny Power Transformer

Notstromladeadapter EPT-2330-23120


Our satisfied customers

Read what our satisfied customers have to say about our storage charging products, such as emergency power chargers.

Thanks to the EPC-2165 emergency power charger, we can operate our PV systems reliably even in bad weather or during power outages. It is reassuring to know that our power supply is continuously secured, regardless of the external conditions. An investment that definitely pays off!

MichaelHomeowner Mühlviertel

The EPC emergency charger has exceeded our expectations. We were pleasantly surprised by its performance and its ability to maintain the power supply to our PV systems even in the most adverse situations. It is an indispensable element for the reliability of our energy supply.

Leitner familyHomeowners Bavaria

As an operator of PV systems, we opted for the EPC-2165 emergency power charger to increase our autonomy in terms of power supply. The ability to continue to access clean energy even during extended power outages has proven to be extremely valuable. We can only warmly recommend it!

HermannCommercial enterprise Asten